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House 45 ° was nominated for CEZAAR 2014 /13th Year of the prestigious prize of the Slovak Chamber of Architects awarded annually on the basis of the international jury/ in the category "Houses". From among 29 entries in this category were nominated 4 works. Official results will be known during STV live-gala on 8th October 2014. www.ce-za-ar.sk/nominacie-rodinne-domy
2nd - 11th place * TN-BRN

In short time BAAR with a team of co-authors and collaborators / BRN teams and TN / successfully placed in two well-filled international competitions (Church - Brno-Lisen: 11/74 proposals and Trencín - City on the River: 2/59). For more information and visuals will soon!
H45° * DS2014

House 45 ° has participated the Wooden Buildings Salon 2014 /the best of wooden buildings built in Slovakia and the Czech Republic for the previous year 2013/. The included part of presentation was the catalog /Yearbook of wooden buildings 2013/, where also features our house, even though, paradoxically, it isn`t precisely realized in Slovakia, but in neighboring Austria :).
Winners * MUZ + BAHR

BAAR in a short time succeeded in 2 competitions with a similar theme - program / The Museum "old" Devínska, in DNV, district of Bratislava - public, The exhibition of "Art and Nature in the Middle Ages" at Bratislava Castle - invited, with plan b/. More information and visuals coming soon!
Reviews * FA STU

BAAR will participate as an external "critic" to check the student work in progress at FA STU in Bratislava, which is related to the spatial-object revitalization of waterfront and its functional urbanization to /semi/ public spaces and finding various innovative transport connections in the central part of the Trencin town.
Lecture * PREmenüDNV I - II

Lecture at the FA UT in Brno about PREmenüDNV I-II ... specifically about the DNV town district, the urban site, concentration, public areas, missing functions and their mixing and interactions, cooperation with local council, investors and about work with a 20-member team of architects and designers on a common concept of "transformation DNV".
Lecture * 1x1

BAAR was invited to lecture at the Faculty of Architecture within the lecture series "1x1" about studio, his experience and work. The lecture was presented the production of studio from 2007 to the present and particular, the architectural activity "PREmenüDNV" compared with other existing initiatives in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. /more info in the "about - lecture"/
Book * 1000 x EA

BAAR /and co-authors/ are delighted that their project of house Grunty was presented in new edition of ’1000 x European Architecture’. The book will be published in English, released in autumn 2011 and distributed worldwide. The new volume of this bestseller, featuring 1000 new projects from the past years in Europe on 1000 pages.
Book * City interventions

This year it was published the "retrieval" book of Urban interventions, which summarizes the actual course of architectural initiatives of authors Vallo and Oliver Sadovsky and their colleagues performed in three cities /Bratislava, Prague, Brno/. The book contains the best interesting selection of 60 proposals from mentioned cities /20xBA, 20xPH, 20xBR/. The BAAR proposals /Dis-c-play, Car-boat/ were part of this. The content complet texts of various well-known architectural personalities.
Book * Wave 68 - 84

Finally I got into my hands the book Wave 68 - 84. Compressible, with the index headpage / and also backpage / notifying the general pictorial contents of the book, with comprendious diagrams, and various summary statistics, but particularly is "young", specifically, is about the young Slovak architects. In the book are mentioned 41 authors or offices by Tomáš Žácek and Katka Trnovská`s choice. Everyone has a place for his 1-4 works and BAAR is also part of it. Thank you ;) / more info in the "about - media"/
BigAirJump - Mountain in Town

For my friends from BigAirJump-in DS prepared study for their bold business plan on the wholly amazing place in BA ..Good luck at the Municipal, guys.. more about BAJ on the link www.facebook.com/pages/Big-Air-Jump
PREmenüDNV in Media

Project "PREmenüDNV", respectively some of his proposals, were publicated in two Slovak magazines about architecture and construction /ARCH 07-08/2010 and Stavba 03/2010/. /more in submenu: about - media - magazines/

Several architectural "pieces" of PREmenüDNV from own kitchen or "baar". / Ján Kostra Square, PAR-IN-G near the bike-bridge, Residential "Noise wall', Terrace-mole object above DNV`s pond/
"Car-boat" in DOX

Parking on the water? Vision or close to reality? City promenade is filled with various functions, but the capacity is not enough parking spaces. Is it possible to "mix" all necessary functions and also provide enough car-stands? New typological element floating multifunctional building offering such a possibility.
Exhibition Opening_PREmenüDNV

Opening of architectural exhibition in The SNM - Museum of Croatia culture in Slovakia in Devínska Nová Ves near Bratislava. The curator Daniel Šubín presents 10 authors - 16 localities - 22 proposals solved critical problems in DNV lying near Bratislava at the Austria-Slovak border. The exhibition will run to 16/6.
Senior houses on ARCHITECTURE 05/09

On the exhibition ARCHITECTURE.SK.05/09 /19. 5. - 30. 5. 2010/ in the Gallery SVÚ "Umelecká beseda" in Bratislava will show our project Senior houses in Bojanovice.
"Car-boat" in City interventions /Prague/

Car-boat on Urban interventions Prague 2010. The Urban Interventions exhibition presents projects that nobody commissioned. They were all initiated by the authors’ need to exploit the potential of places they walk past every day. Most of the 80 interventions which are on display at DOX gallery appear to be easily-realizable and relatively low-cost, but there are also more ambitious visions, such as floating parking places on the Vltava.
Architecture & Inclusion /Senior houses/ * GJF

Next 50 years will important social theme the problem of senior`s living. We offer the feasible solutions through our project in Bojanovice near Prague.
Senior houses in GJF /A&I/

The exhibition "Architecture & Inclusion" in GJF/14. 4.–6. 6. 2010/ will present contemporary European architecture, reflecting on the social issues of a society in the 21st century, where 10 EU countries will present a variety of approaches and perspectives, possible solutions and ideas on social and cultural inclusion and integration. Our project /Senior houses/ represents The Slovak Republic in this exhibition.
20after20 in Design Factory /Bratislava/

The project "20after20" will be reprised in mid-January of 2010 at the Design Factory in Bratislava – the organizer on the Slovak side of the show. This joint exhibition is a continuation of our multi-year cooperation aimed at introducing contemporary Czech and Slovak architecture. The completed works, projects, visions and dreams presented on the pages of the catalogue offer insight into what the selected architects are striving for in their work.
20after20 in GJF /Prague/

The approach of the 20th anniversary of 17 November 1989 presented itself as an excellent opportunity for retrospection. It was these twenty years that have passed since the Velvet Revolution that were one of the impulses for this Czechoslovak exhibition. The collective shows typically present real and serious architecture, but this one for our animal companions. This is real architecture, a conceptual approach,that which is characteristic in the professional creation of selected architects.
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